The GSS fleet

Maggie M GssPlant Multicats Shoalbusters EuroCarriers

Our work vessels

The GSS fleet of work vessels comprises a range of multi-purpose boats, shoalbusters, barges and other smaller craft specially designed for supporting a wide variety of offshore marine services, including construction, engineering and repair and maintenance projects on water or on the shore.

All GSS work vessels are available for hire on a daily or longer-term basis.

High standards in vessels and crew for all offshore marine services

GSS Marine Services prides itself on the standard and quality of all its vessels.

Upgrades have improved the specifications of existing vessels, and the fleet is expanding to take advantage of new opportunities and increase both capacity and capability.

Its focus on the highest standards includes ensuring that all plant is maintained to the highest specification, properly insured, and operated by qualified and experienced personnel to offer the best possible service.

GSS operates a number of different types of vessel depending on the type of task required and, as well as their own fleet, operate four more boats under management for other owners.


Robust and versatile workboats with generous deck area and high deck-load capacity, ready for all types of marine construction from harbour work to wind farm operations.


Multi-Role Vessels are strong and versatile workhorses, designed to provide a stable work platform capable of considerable precision.


Smaller, but equally versatile workboats with a proven record for consistency and reliability in a variety of roles.


An anchor-handling tug.


A range of road-transportable and versatile rigid inflatable boats for general use.


Versatile work platforms for transport, crane platforms, storage and all types of support in both inland and marine waters.

GssPlant Multicats Shoalbusters EuroCarriers

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